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If you turn Back ground plotting off, you will have to wait for Auto CAD top open and plot each layout in turn.

The main language spoken in the community is Kunwinjku.

At the 2011 census, Gunbalanya had a population of 1,174.

Many users don’t know (or have forgotten) the difference between Regen and Regenall.

Gunbalanya (also spelt Kunbarllanjnja, and historically referred to as Oenpelli) is an Aboriginal community in west Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia.

In addition to usual standard fields (with values like the current file name, author, etc.) there are also special contextual fields whose value varies depending on which space or layout they reside in.

Your field names may not match between the DWG Properties dialog box and the Field dialog box.

Each layout can have a different page setup attached, so the value displayed by the Plot Orientation field can be different in different layouts in the same drawing.

Many visitors prefer to see Arnhem Land through an organised tour operation.

The Stone Country Festival (formerly Gunbalanya Cultural Open Day) is usually held in August and access for this is allowed without permit.

Oenpelli remained a mission until 1975, when responsibility was transferred to an aboriginal town council and the name was changed to Gunbalanya.

The 1948 American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land visited Oenpelli for three months and collected a large array of local artefacts, art, and specimens.

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The present toponym is an anglisation of the word Kunbarllanjnja current in Kunwinjku, the language of the people who now live there, who began moving into the area from the east following the Cahill's establishment of his cattle station there in 1909.