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In terms of geology, the absolute age of a geologic phenomenon is its age in Earth years.

On the other hand, its relative age is its age in comparison with other geologic phenomena, particularly the stratigraphic record of rock layers.

Highland County igneous rock intrudes sedimentary rock (Photograph by Stan Johnson) This light-colored Highland County igneous intrusion cuts through the darker sedimentary rock.

The study of geologic time is encompassed within the larger subject of historical geology.

Finally, pollen dating, or palynology, involves analysis of pollen deposits.

As dating technology has progressed, it has become increasingly possible for scientists to provide absolute dates for specimens.

The principles that undergird amino-acid racimization, however, are essential to most forms of absolute dating.

If we say that Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809, it is an absolute designation of his birth year, whereas if we say that he was born 10 years after the death of George Washington (which occurred in 1799), that is an example of a relative time measurement.

In actuality, of course, there is no truly absolute measure of time.

For example, the reference to 1809 as Lincoln's birth year is based on the system of time measurement developed in the West, which, in turn, is based on early ideas regarding the date of Christ's birth.

Absolute age-dating tells how long ago an event occurred.

Using these methods, geologists have created a geologic time scale for organizing past times in earth’s history.

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To discuss the divisions of geologic time, it is necessary first to discuss the concepts of relative and absolute time.

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