I predator delle antille online dating naruto volume 58 online dating

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I predator delle antille online dating

The nudity and sex scenes in this 90-minute movie last only seconds and would qualify for a soft R rating.

The production is oddly credited to La Idra Musica, a music publishing outfit familiar from Joe's XXX films (e.g., THE JOY CLUB), but evidently backing a modest budget "clean" movie this time as a flyer into that end of the business.

Elena agrees to give herself sexually to Butler if he succeeds in rescuing her hubby, but he proves to be a real gentleman, never forcing her to deliver on this promise.

After some escaping, sword-fighting, explosions and other derring-do the happy ending is achieved in a whirlwind finish.On the way to the Carribean his ship is attacked by a band of pirates, headed by the dreadfully renowned George Rackman.As soon as they discover the real identity of their prey, the predators kidnap Sir Hamilton to ask his wife a huge ransom.They discover that Hamilton has been sold by Rackham to the evil Don Diego de la Vega (sounds like a Zorro character, hammily played by Laszlo Mandrasz) so they recruit a motley crew to head to Maracaibo to assault De La Vega's fortress.In an homage to Italian Westerns (THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY to be specific) they find a sharpshooter who turns his confederate in for reward and then saves him from the noose with a well-timed shot, a tough way to make a living.

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In one plot lapse, Butler's beautiful and tempestuous girlfriend Pilar accompanies them on the mission, even though she and Elena have had a cat fight due to his divided attentions.

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