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German last names are common in Germany and far beyond. The list was originally created by searching for the most common surnames in 2012 via German telephone books.

Take note that variances in spelling of a surname were looked at as separate names.

For instance, Schmidt Meyer was designated to people who were stewards of landholders.

Most names derive either from archaic professions (Schmidt, Müller, Weber, Schäfer) or places.

Although I want to focus on verbs, as a fan of the British comic , I can’t resist a quick diversion into ‘menace’ as a noun.

Since short and sweet may equal a bigger salary, the Christophers of the world who want to raise their net worths may want to change their professional designation to Chris, The Ladders’ Amanda Augustine said.

That may work well for those who go from Michelle to Michele.

The Ladders tested 24 pairs of names—Steve and Stephen, Bill and William, and Sara and Sarah, and in all but one case those with shorter names earned higher pay.

(The exception: Larry and Lawrence, where the longer moniker made more money.) Its research is based on finding a linear trend in data from 6 million members, with 3.4% of them in CEO or other C-level jobs.

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Dennis is a badly behaved boy rather than an out-and-out yob.

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