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No DVR, no delayed viewing — the best chance you had of catching something after it aired was either via repeat or a noble (but usually failed) attempt by your father to record a show on a VHS tape. The network TV shows of this period, and the time periods that followed, had another thing in common: They were for everyone, and everyone watched them. Our country experienced these moments live, in real time.So that's the draw of network TV, an itch I'll keep trying to scratch until they shut the whole thing down.Because who knows: Maybe there's a weird little kid out there choosing to watch my show with their allotted TV time. However, a programming error made the computer unstable and potentially dangerous.

T., originally designed by Wilton Knight and built by his company Knight Industries. That's right, at 65, The Hoff's living his best life. " I said, "I don't know, it's gone through a lot of metamorphosis and I think the last cut was actually not bad." I'm in the zone right now, it's time to release this movie now because it may not happen next year. I'm trying to stay as excited and positive as I am now. I say that with respect because I keep saying get a life, but sometimes people just need someone to say their name or say it's ok to be different or I love you or hi or help them across the streets or come out an elevator and say I'll leave you an autograph at the front desk.After a cameo in one of the year's biggest movies -- "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. It all started when I was 50 and I got a call from the Sydney Telegraph and they said, "How do you feel about being a sex symbol at 50? Let's bring back "Knight Rider," let me play him as a hard guy kinda like Logan, with an attitude. If "American Idol" calls and wants me to be a judge, I'll turn into a judge. I get a letter from the mother under my door saying "My daughter was going to kill herself, she tried twice already and she said she has nothing to live for and you're her favorite person and the fact she met you in the elevator has given her a reason to live." And we signed an autograph, gave a picture to the girl and that moment really affected me, because it's so real to so many people in so many worlds that just keep on doing what you're doing and have a lot of fun doing it because it's affecting people in the right way.You don't need an app to watch it; you don't even need cable, really — just an antenna if that's all you've got.Network TV is a place where populist material — something everyone can relate to, enjoy or admire — can, on occasion, transcend and cut through the cultural landscape and become a thing unto itself.

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He was born on 3 January, 1937, to a Swedish immigrant mother and a Swedish-American father in Long Beach, California.