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When Earl Silverman was found dead, hanging from the rafters of his garage after an apparent suicide, those who knew him best said he had died from indifference.

For the last five years, Silverman had owned Canada’s only shelter for men, taking battered husbands and their children into his own house in Calgary so they could escape abusive wives.

This spring, the Canadian Federation of Students passed a motion encouraging all student unions to reject men’s rights groups, because they promote “hateful views toward women” and justify physical and sexual assault.

More recently, a controversy over a campaign at the University of Alberta fed national headlines.

On April 27 his body was found, along with a four-page suicide note—in which he allegedly blamed the federal and provincial governments for indifference toward the suffering of men.

Far from encouraging violence, Elam says that being able to talk about being angry at women, hating women and even beating women on sites like provides a lot of hurt men the ability to vent emotionally in a supportive environment, so they don’t have to express their anger physically.The “Don’t Be That Girl” campaign, by Men’s Rights Edmonton, suggests some women lie about being raped and that rape is over-reported.Posters depict attractive young women drinking in the company of young men with the caption, “Just because you regret a one-night stand doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual.” The University of Alberta ordered the posters be taken down, saying that while free speech is respected, the posters violated the school’s posting policies.attracts more visitors than any other men’s issues website, including the Canadian Association for Equality and the Good Men Project.Elam, who himself is the author of a post entitled, “When is it OK to punch your wife?

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At the end of his article he added that men’s rights activists would be “coming for them” and all the other “feminists who will be dancing on [Silverman’s] grave” for making all men disposable entities in modern society.

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